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Liaoning Economic & Trade Delegation paid a visit to India to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation in many fields
Date:2019-03-21 09:30:00     Source:

  Invited by the Industrial Union of Gujarat, India, from March 6th to 9th, 2019, Liaoning Economic & Trade Delegation led by Song Yanlin, Director General of Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province, went to India, one of the key countries along "the Belt and the Road" to conduct a series of economic and trade negotiation activities to implement the spirit of the document "Suggestions on the Implementation of In-depth Integration and Construction of the New Highland for the Construction, Development and Cooperation Concerning 'the Belt and the Road' Initiative" as well as the speech of Governor Tang Yijun during his meeting with Sun Wah Group from Hong Kong, further promote the "going-out" process for the relevant enterprises to expand their markets in South Asia, strengthen the construction of our province’s key overseas economic and trade cooperation zones as well as the safety regulations of the enterprises overseas, and accelerate the international-level production capacity cooperation with India. 

  India has rich labor resources and great domestic marketing potential, with advantages in many fields such as information technology, finance, software services, and bio-pharmacy, etc., as well as leading role in software and pharmaceutical industries, with many complementary aspects with those of Liaoning in the field of equipment manufacturing. During this visit, the delegation conducted in-depth communications with many Indian business people by means of negotiation and symposium publicity, etc., to accelerate the process of the relevant projects and discuss the details of cooperation in key fields, making satisfactory achievements. 
  The delegation paid visits to PGCIL, Industrial Union of Gujarat, Mumbai Subway Construction Committee, and the office of Chinese ambassador to India, etc. successively, held Liaoning-Gujarat Symposium of Economic and Trade Communication, attended the signing ceremony of the contract of Shenyang Yuanda Group's manufacturing 86 elevators and 176 escalators for Mumbai Subway Line 3, made a field research on the India TBEA Comprehensive Industrial Park of Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment, and promoted the key projects of Liaoning in India such as TBEA-PGCIL DC project, Dalian CIMM Group's rolling stock manufacturing project for Nagpur Subway of India, NHVS's manufacturing project of HV switchgear for Indian market, Shengu Group's blower manufacturing project for Indian market, and the export and project contracting of compressor sets, etc.