Outbound Investment Enterprise
Shenyang Foreign Economic Construction Corporation
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  Introduction to the Corporation 

  Shenyang Foreign Economic Construction Corporation was established in 1988. It is a comprehensive foreign institute owing power of international business operation and is approved by the Ministry of commerce of PRC. It has undertaken overseas contracted projects, labor service cooperation and import & export trade with more than twenty countries and areas in the world. It was awarded as “AAA Rating Good Faith Enterprise” by the China international contractors association. 

  Contracted Project 

  Overseas contracting engineering is our company's main projects. We have developed general contracting and subcontract business in Russia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Nigeria, etc. and have engaged in design, consultation, construction, installation as well as road and bridge, industrial and civil building construction programs. We have formed a professional business team with high technology, high quality and technical personnel. 

   Labor Cooperation 

  International labor cooperation (trainees) project is our company's traditional project which has a good development momentum.  We have sent various labors who works excellently in construction industry, equipment manufacturing industry, textile and garment industry, agriculture, breeding, food manufacturing, social and human services, medical care and transportation industry in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Poland, Spain and New Zealand. We have formed a complete scientific operating system, which includes selection, training, management and placement. 

  International Trade 

International trade project is our company's basic business, We have given full play to the advantages of manufacturing equipment industry and building material market in northeast China to establish trade cooperation with many countries and areas, such as Korea, Japan, Russia, Kuwait and South Africa in the forms of bilateral currency trade, barter trade, processing and assembling complete set of equipment and technical exporting, etc. We provide good service to the customers as scheduled with high quality. 

We have abundant capital and professional overseas technical research and development team. Each kind of specialist is up to 92% of the total staff numbers. We have formed diversified contracting group with international standards. Our company is willing to cooperate with any business partners, move forward hand in hand to accomplish common development.