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China Third Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. (TMCC)
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  China Third Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. (TMCC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Metallurgical Co., Ltd. (MCC) that has the special qualification of housing construction and metallurgical engineering construction with general contracting business It also possesses the Grade A credentials in the field of construction engineering and metallurgical industries design, it is People's Republic of China qualified foreign contracted projects large international operations and innovative modern enterprise groups, registered capital of 800 million yuan; English name: CHINA THIRD METALLURGICAL GROUP CO., LTD.

  TMCC was founded in 1952, has glorious history of over 60 years. It is one of the first batch of large sized integrated construction enterprises which has advanced technology and comprehensive construction production capacity from the construction of the nationally known "three projects"for Anshan Irion &steel group , it has contracted and accomplished the construction of the infrastructure and technological transformation projects for the following groups such as Anshan iron &steel , Benxi iron &steel, Shougang iron &steel, Jiuquan iron &steel, Fushun Special Steel, Xiangtan iron &steel , Water iron &steel and other metallurgical plants in a dozen. It has made historic contributions for the development of new Chinese metallurgical industry, known as "the cradle of metallurgical construction."

  Since the market economy,TMCCwas in the metallurgical engineering, building engineering, municipal engineering, airport construction, highway transportation, petroleum chemical industry, electric power engineering, steel structure engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation and commissioning, kiln engineering, coal chemical industry, nonferrous metals, energy saving and environmental protection, non standard equipment manufacturing and installation etc., has reached the professional of high quality, high efficiency, the leading domestic level.

  Over 60 years of development, TMCC gather a group of construction experience and know-how various experts and technical personnel(skills), with 976 registered construction engineers and cost engineers.,additionally TMCC possesses 2481 technical professionals(skills) with the senior titles. Relying on group management, parent-subsidiary structure, industrial restructuring, TMCC will become a cross-industry, cross-regional, cross-border operations of large modern enterprise groups.