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ACRE - Your Reliable Partner
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  ACRE Coking & Refractory Engineering Consulting Corporation ( ACRE in short ) founded in 1953 is a subsidiary holden by China Metallurgical Group Corporation, the famous international engineering contractor. ACRE based on engineering technology is a big international engineering company which takes contracting of projects as its principal activity and is capable of engineering, procurement and construction for the projects.  

  With development of past more than 50 years, ACRE has accumulated rich technical resources and is possessed of professional technical team and up to hundred of patents & know-how for engineering of coke oven battery, CDQ and gas treatment plant with various capacity which have been adopted in the projects worldwide with good reputation. 

  ACRE has established good partnership with Chinese outstanding manufacturers of coking equipment and jointly developed advanced technology for coke oven machines, battery bracing system and gas treatment plant which reflects ACRE’s strong capability of technical integration. 

  In addition to the technical innovation, ACRE also pays particular attention to scientific management which plays an important role in accelerating development of the company. Application of international project management software for comprehensive control of project progress makes various work of project be accomplished parallelly and orderly with each step being under control and ensures a smooth execution of project as required by contract. The effect of good management has been shown in dozens of projects.  

  With advanced technology and the management concept of sincerity and satisfying customer, ACRE has expanded its domestic and international marketsACRE has successfully implemented over 300 large & medium-scale coking plant projects, over 200 large & medium-scale refractory plant projects and gas supply and environment protection projects in more than 60 cities including capital cities and coastal cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Dalian, and Shenyang, etc. Internationally it has undertaken overall contracting or engineering services for coking plant projects in countries like South Africa, Brazil, Iran, India, Turkey and Kazakstan, etc., enjoying customers’ respect by its good service. 

  International market is getting broader in the new era. With the prospect of becoming a first class international engineering company, ACRE will continue its effort for the innovation of coking, refractory and environment protection technology to offer higher quality service to the customers at home and abroad with more professional level.