Outbound Investment Enterprise
China Shenyang International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co,. Ltd.
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  Established in 1984 by the State Council of China, State-owned enterprise directly under the leadership of Shenyang government, the sole comprehensive foreign cooperation company in Shenyang area Registered capital of 50 million yuan.Over 500 projects in 70 countries, accumulated turnover more than 3 billion USD Branch offices in Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Comoros, North Korea, Mongolia, Togo, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and other countries . 

  Business Scope 

  • Domestic and overseas project contracting  

  • Investment development  

  • Project management consulting services  

  • Overseas labor dispatch and International trade  

  Our construction projects are changing or have changed local economic-socio environment in which the local people enjoy,better living facilities better medical care and better education and training.The people are experiencing the impact of modernization,and life improvement brought  by those varous facilities .


1500 sets of Cameroon Housing Project


Seychelles Assembly Building--In commemoration of 60 anniversary of starting foreign aid, rated as one of the seven typical foreign aid projects


Liaoning Science and Technology Mansion Project


The Pacific Marine Industrial Zone Project in Papua New Guinea