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Promotion meeting of renovation of pedestrian streets in Liaoning Province was held in Dalian
Date:2019-11-01 13:35:00     Source:省商务厅


  In order to speed up the renovation work of pedestrian streets in our province, a two-day on-site promotion meeting was held by the Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province from Oct. 29th to Oct 30th. More than 80 people attended the meeting, including leaders from Municipal Department of Commerce of each city, agency directors and representatives responsible for the pedestrian streets of our province. Those who presented at the meeting made a field trip to study the construction and operation of several pedestrian blocks, including Dalian Coast Time and Oriental Water City.     

  At the meeting, speeches were made to introduce some typical pedestrian streets like Shenyang Taiyuanjie Walking Street, Dalian Coast Time Walking Street, Benxi Yongfeng Walking Street, and Dandong Andong Laojie Walking Street.   

  Wang Shouke, Director of Retail Service of the Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province made a detailed interpretation of the standards (trial) whether a pedestrian street can be classified to the provincial level. 

  Deputy Director-General Wang Guangli of the Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province summarized the work of construction of the first phase and pointed out both the drawbacks and the future direction. He also made the deployment of the following steps to construct pedestrian streets across the province. It is required to do a good job on the following aspects: First, efforts must be made to strengthen planning and guidance, and to coordinate an overall development. To do a good job in reconstruction and upgrading of the pedestrian streets, not only should we base ourselves on the existing foundation, focus on the long-term development, employ top institutions and experts at home and from abroad to plan functions, format layout and facilities, but we should also effectively link ourselves to the overall planning of the whole city so as to make the best of the resources in and around and leave enough room for the future development. Second, efforts must be made to optimize the environment of the pedestrian blocks and improve shopping experience. In line with the requirement of being moderately ahead of time, providing comprehensive facilities and intensive utilization, we should strengthen the environmental renovation of the pedestrian streets to build a shopping place that is comfortable, convenient, and smart, which will fully demonstrate humanistic care. Third, efforts must be made to improve the quality of goods and adapt to the upgraded shopping. Follow the trend of quality, individualism and diversification and increase the number of quality goods and service to meet consumers' demand. The format of facilities of the pedestrian streets must be compatible with the level and structure of consumption, and the commercial pattern of the pedestrian street should be adjusted to be consistent with the consumption concept of target market and the change of shopping behavior. Fourth, efforts must be made to create smart blocks and provide better service. Create smart blocks by means of IT so as to strengthen the soft power and competence of the business district. Tighten the security management of the blocks and restructure their commercial pattern, by monitoring pedestrian movement and analyzing consumption data, to optimize the layout of functions and provide support for an ultimate service environment. Fifth, efforts must be made to accumulate cultural deposit of the city to demonstrate its humanistic feature. Learn from the successful experience at home and from abroad to integrate the local nature endowment, history, culture, and architectural style into the construction and renovation of the pedestrian streets, so as to realize the unity of urban modernization and the local humanistic characteristics.