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The Preparatory Work Coordination Meeting for the First Liaoning Export Commodities (Japan Osaka) Exhibition was held in Shenyang
Date:2019-10-24 10:08:00     Source:省商务厅


  On October 22nd, Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province held the preparatory work coordination meeting for the First Liaoning Export Commodities (Japan Osaka) Exhibition.  Presented at the meeting were deputy directors and department heads of the Bureau of Commerce of different cities of Liaoning.  

  At the meeting, reports of preparation of the exhibition, existing problems and suggestions were made by the Bureau of Commerce of each city, and Shenyang Zhongqiao International Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd., organizer of the exhibition gave an account of the overall progress of the exhibition as well as the transportation of the exhibits.  The Foreign Trade Department I carried out a detailed deployment of daily schedules, major events, transportation of exhibits, preparation of publicity, requirements of group visitors of each city as well as matters needing attention during the business negotiation of the exhibition, following by the summary speech made by Wang Jingming, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Commerce.   

  In his speech, Deputy Director Wang Jingming made several requests.  First, every city should raise their political awareness, attaching great importance to the organization of this exhibition.  The provincial government’s decision to hold this exhibition is a concrete implementation of General Secretary Xin Jinping’s request on Liaoning’s opening up.  It is also a fundamental part to build up a pioneer economic and trade zone in Northeastern Asia.  As an important means to explore Japan’s trade market, this exhibition is the very moment that every city should catch to deepen the trade and cooperation with Japan.  Second, efforts need to be made to do a good job in organizing the exhibition. Make detailed planning before the exhibition, do a good job in propaganda, guidance and training, organize enterprises to bring to the exhibition the products with local characteristics, products that represent Liaoning, and products suitable for the Japanese market, so as to expand economic and trade cooperation with Japan. Third, do a good job in the exhibition of regional image responsible by each city.   Efforts should be made to carefully set up the exhibition.  Try to bring as many physical exhibits as possible to attract the attention of Japanese buyers with both quality and quantity, so as to build contact with more Japanese clients and sign more purchase orders.  Fourth, do a good job in inviting clients.  Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province and the Japanese co-workers are striving to invite Japanese buyers and hope that through the joint efforts of both the city government and enterprises, cooperation can be reached and expanded with our Japanese partners’ participating the exhibition.  Fifth, while doing a good job in the exhibition, strive to promote a number of investment cooperation projects of our province. Each city should make a good plan of the investment attraction projects for this exhibition and double the efforts to bring in a batch of new projects while promoting these projects.