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The 10th Liaoning International Sourcing Fair was held in Shenyang
Date:2019-09-11 10:06:00     Source:省商务厅

On September 10th, the 10th Liaoning International Sourcing Fair was held in Shenyang Northeast Hotel.  The Fair was jointly hosted by Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province and China International Electronic Commerce Center.  Presided by Song Yanlin, Director General of Provincial Department of Commerce, this Fair also invited Chen Luping, Deputy Governor of Liaoning province to deliver a speech.  Evgeny Sanchev, Chairman of Association of International Relations of the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, also spoke on behalf of foreign buyers.  

    In conjunction with the industry characteristics of Liaoning, this Fair invited more than 70 quality buyers from countries along the “Belt and Road”, especially in Europe and the United States, with whom more than 300 enterprises from Liaoning conducted negotiations about products related to mechanical and electrical equipment, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, textile and clothing, food and agriculture, as well as light industry and other industries. In addition to the on-site matchmaking activities, quality buyers also conducted the on-the-spot investigation of the enterprises who had a good will to cooperate, so as to further the business negotiation.   

This Fair is so far one of the most important jobs of Department of Commerce of our province to assist our enterprises to develop international market.  It will contribute to an active cooperation between enterprises of our province and their foreign counterparts so as to attract more business partners from abroad to Liaoning.  Through business negotiations and field visits, foreign trade enterprises of our province are able to grab the opportunity to export their products without traveling overseas.  In return, more foreign buyers will through this fair develop a further understanding of their counterparts in Liaoning, thus constructively promoting the diversified development of the foreign trade market of our province.

Presented at the Fair were responsible leadership from Bureaus of Commerce of all cities of Liaoning province and Shenfu New District, including department directors and section heads, as well as 300 entrepreneurs across Liaoning province, with a total of 700 people. The Foreign Trade Department I is responsible for the preparation of this cross-border sourcing fair.