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Key Investment Projects
Human Resources Industrial Park
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Project name

Human Resources Industrial Park

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Project introduction

The project carries out structural layout and function setting based on "2 bases+3 centers+3 clusters+1 fund", and establishes multiple industrial sectors including human resources services, education and training services, information network services, financial services, property management and comprehensive supporting services, etc., thus building an industry cluster of human resources services (as the core and the main body), upstream and downstream industry chain and park comprehensive services. The project covers an area of 80,000 square meters, with an investment of RMB 400 to 500 million. The enterprises in the industrial park will achieve an annual output value of over RMB 500 million and it is estimated to contribute a tax revenue of over RMB 10 million. In addition, it will directly create 500 jobs and indirectly provide 3,000 jobs, contributing an annual social insurance payment of over RMB 100 million.

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Contact Person of the Investment Promotion Department

Zhang Jingyan



Contact Person of the Project