China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Liaoning FTA pilot area to build high level of reform and opening up against international advanced rules
Date:2018-10-23 16:45:00     Source:


  To open up Liaoning and promote export-oriented economic development, the FTA has become an important starting point. On August 24, the provincial commerce department said 414 foreign-funded enterprises in more than 40 countries and regions had settled in China (Liaoning) Free Trade Zone since the opening of the license in April last year. Among them, there are more than 100 foreign investment enterprises from Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Russia. In the first half of this year, the total import and export volume of the Liaoning free trade pilot area reached 71 billion 770 million yuan. 

  "Over the past year, Liaoning FTA has made great efforts in transforming government functions, facilitating investment and trade, financial innovation, and strengthening regional opening and cooperation in Northeast Asia, with the reform of system and mechanism as the core and the innovation of system as well as the international economic and trade rules as the benchmarking of the FTA. A good start. " Provincial commerce department responsible person said. 

  Attach great importance to and push forward vigorously. All along, the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have attached great importance to the construction of the free trade experimental zone, and have made plans with the help of the whole province to build a strong leadership system and promotion mechanism. Provincial leaders have held many meetings to listen to reports, and issued important instructions to promote the construction of the FTZ major issues; our province set up the FTZ working leadership group, to determine the reform of investment and financing system promotion group, trade facilitation promotion group, business environment promotion group and other eight special working promotion groups, overall leadership and coordination Construction of FTA pilot area. At the same time, our province is also making constant efforts at the policy level. At present, 20 policy documents and 215 policy measures have been issued at the provincial level to support the development of the FTZ.

  Deepen the "discharge service" and explore a new model. The first 133 provincial administrative functions and powers were delegated to Shenyang, Dalian and Yingkou to further enhance the overall coordination, autonomous decision-making and public service capabilities of Liaoning Free Trade Experimental Zone in economic and social management; the reform of "separation of certificates" was implemented in an all-round way, and 95 items of post-registration examination and approval were cancelled in our province. The three districts have established a list of rights and responsibilities system, an administrative examination and approval management catalogue system, a comprehensive service hall, a "one-way acceptance", innovative "booking door-to-door" and a micro-letter verification name. "Zero denial + full capacity deficiency" and other service modes to improve the effectiveness of government services.

  Trade facilitation and openness. Our province speeds up the construction of the "single window" for international trade, docks the national standard edition, and realizes the "seamless docking" with the customs, maritime and other port departments by adding special ports for the service of the free trade test zone, which greatly facilitates foreign trade enterprises; Dalian Customs, Shenyang Customs, Liaoning Maritime Bureau and other departments have issued support for the free trade test zone. Four provinces and autonomous regions in Northeast China have carried out in-depth cooperation in 10 aspects, such as one-off cross-departmental joint inspection, barrier-free customs clearance and inspection, and a comprehensive, three-dimensional and networked pattern of interconnection and interoperability in Northeast China has initially taken shape; customs process reengineering has been promoted; Dalian Customs and Shenyang Customs have vigorously reduced customs clearance time and two customs clearances have been carried out. Customs clearance time is the highest in the customs.

  Do a good job of replicating and optimizing the business environment. Our province replicates and implements the advanced experience of Shanghai and other places in the free trade experimental zone, and builds a business environment leading the Northeast region. Our province has fully implemented the management system of national treatment plus negative list before the entry of foreign investment, and has put on record the establishment and alteration of foreign-funded enterprises to further optimize the investment environment for foreign investment; deepened the reform of the commercial registration system, and implemented the "26 certificates" in the whole province on the basis of the "three certificates in one" registration of enterprises. "Unification" and "thirty-two card unification" allow enterprises to run errands. At present, the State Council has issued the "China (Liaoning) Free Trade Experimental Zone Master Plan" for 123 pilot reform tasks, our province has landed 87, landing rate reached 70.7%, and launched the first batch of 25 reform and innovation experience, replicated and promoted to the whole province, further releasing the reform dividends of the FTA.

  At the same time, Shenyang, Dalian, Yingkou three large areas also with fruitful work to promote a higher level of opening up. Shenyang has been approved to set up a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot area, Shenyang is seizing the opportunity to actively promote cross-border e-commerce platform, import commodity experience Exhibition Center construction, focusing on the introduction of overseas and domestic well-known e-commerce enterprises settled in the free trade pilot area; Dalian area formed a bonded mixed ore, imported grain whole process supervision, clothing. Many innovative experiences such as on-line tax rebate for business and trade have been created in China, and they have successfully joined the World Free Zone Organization to explore the construction of free trade ports; Yingkou Film Zone has set up six major systems for deepening the construction of regional international logistics centers by benchmarking the World Bank's business environment standards and constantly optimizing the business environment.

  A series of reform and innovation has created endless market vitality. Since the unveiling of the license, as of August 10 this year, Liaoning Free Trade Experimental Zone has added 30913 registered enterprises with registered capital of 439.5 billion yuan.