China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone
International port + Free Trade Zone: opening double engines to boost private economy in Yingkou
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  On October 11, the National Cooperation Conference of Private Enterprises was held in Yingkou, Liaoning Province, and the China Private Economic Summit was another blossom in Liaoning Province. Yingkou, an open "twin-engine" city with international ports and free trade zones, has become a focus of investment for private enterprises all over the country.

  "Yingkou is a port connecting the world, with free trade zones and comprehensive bonded zones, so the opportunities here are internationalized." Wen Qidong, president of Liaoning Dongsheng Group, introduced Yingkou's geographic advantages and development opportunities to the national private entrepreneurs attending the private enterprise conference. 

  Liaoning Dongsheng Group started from two bungalows in 2000 and has long been in the west corner of Yingkou's main urban area. At the beginning of this year, the State Council approved the establishment of Yingkou Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Yingkou Section of China (Liaoning) Free Trade Experimental Zone. The distance between Dongsheng Group and the Comprehensive Bonded Zone is 7 km-7 km, which is the distance between enterprises and the world.

  At the end of the city, factories were built up because they were in the ascendant and the land was cheap. In the years since then, from relying on dozens of patents supported by the government to upgrade to "state-owned" high-tech enterprises, to take the logistics corridor to achieve raw materials and market "two ends out", from being classified into Yingkou free trade zone to enjoy the convenience of the reform of the commercial system, to the door through the "northeast coastal only comprehensive bonded zone". Every time it resonates with the city's opening up, it injects fresh vitality into the enterprise and makes it jump into a new space and time of development. It has become the largest and third-largest plastic packaging enterprise in China and the world. The annual sales of 400 employees of the entity private enterprise is 1 billion yuan, which is driven by Yingkou's "twin engines" in the International Dagang + Free Trade Zone. Cook a small business.  

  "Developing with Hong Kong" is Yingkou's consistent urban strategy, and the port is the core strategic resource for Yingkou to participate in regional competition. The snowball throughput growth year by year is not a simple figure, but a reflection of economic development. Yingkou Port has two advantages that no one else has: it is the nearest seaport in the hinterland of Northeast China. Its domestic trade routes can radiate to all ports, and the volume of domestic container cargo is the first in China.  

  Yingkou private enterprises keep up with the pace of the open era and catch the opportunity of the open era keenly. In 2014, Liaoning Hongyun Logistics Corporation, Shenyang Railway Administration and China Sea Container Transportation Co., Ltd. jointly established Liaoning Shentie Hongyun Logistics Co., Ltd. After the "one belt and one road" initiative was put forward in 2015, the Yingkou port and Harbin Railway Bureau joined the company and renamed it "Shen ha Hong Yun". This cross-regional mixed ownership system integrates highway, rail and sea transport resources, and builds a platform for China-Europe train operation. The intensive opening of the train has made Yingkou an indisputable source of goods for the sea and land corridor along the eastern route of the Silk Road Economic Belt.  

  China and Europe also bring the private economy of Yingkou to "one belt and one road". In just a few years, Yingkou's logistics-related businesses have surged to more than 5,000 enterprises. A platform system has been formed for large-scale trading markets of steel, grain, sugar, coal, ceramics, agricultural and sideline products, and "small pieces" of financial, quasi-financial and intermediary services all contain "big energy". Insurance, small loans, guarantees, wind and so on. Investment and other forms of financial network, the "landlord economy" and "lunch box economy" should rise.  

  The western part of Yingkou's main urban area will become another important gathering place of "China Europe class train". There, free trade zones, comprehensive protection zones and high-tech zones "superimpose three zones" to achieve a higher level of openness, more preferential policies, more complete functions and simpler procedures. Linking Yingkou Municipal Committee and the municipal government, we should create an environment in which "Yingkou Port is the Free Trade Zone", pre-position the functions of the port into the Free Trade Zone, copy the experience and policies of the Free Trade Zone to Yingkou Port, and let them form "integration" to achieve seamless links. 

  The special railway line linking the port and the FTZ is being built. The distance of 44 kilometers is only 17 minutes, and Yingkou "port-city linkage" has entered a new realm. This "44 km combination" presents a lengthened "U" shaped structure, giving a "Yingkou definition" to the general pattern of the world's important trade zones: the "mouth" above is the eighth largest port in the country and the twelfth largest port in the world, and the "belly" below includes dozens of kilometers of coastal "Bay Area" and hundreds of square meters. Kilometres of usable land. This is a vast space for Juxing industry. The coastal land area of Yingkou is flat. Nearly 30 square kilometers of Yingkou Free Trade Zone is adjacent to the sea without reclamation. There are no "skylights" or disputed land. The project placement is not restricted. What is more rare is that there are more than 200 square kilometers of state-owned construction land around the FTA can be used as a priority bearing area for the "spillover effect". 

  A "linkage development" chain running smoothly, sitting in the "Eurasian hub port" Yingkou, will also become the "value hub" of regional economy. Yingkou's private economy is on the stage of revitalization and development.  

  Yingkou Free Trade Zone has changed from "bonsai" to "landscape", where there are new investment projects of Liaohe Aluminum, Dongsheng Group and other local private enterprises, as well as external private capital such as Zhongwang Aluminum and Wave Group. The newly registered enterprises in Yingkou Free Trade Zone will exceed 3000 this year and enter the revenue period, with the general public budget revenue increasing by 100%. According to this trend, the number of newly registered enterprises will exceed 15 thousand in the next 5 years, and the operating rate will exceed 40%.  

  The chief executives of private enterprises participating in the national private enterprise cooperation conference are optimistic about Yingkou's international war.