China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Dalian free trade area started to cut the overall clearance time "hundred days battle".
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  The Dalian Customs Office in the Free Trade Zone has been implementing the requirements of Dalian Customs'100-day war activities in depth, giving full play to the function of "test field" in the FTA, and streamlining the process by implementing a window, two modes, three reforms and four sets of mechanisms. Let customs clearance faster, let declaration more efficient, let the service more intimate, strive to Dalian Free Trade Zone to reduce the overall clearance time by one third.

  It is understood that reducing the overall customs clearance time is an important decision-making deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council in 2018, is an important part of the Customs system listed in the State Council's inspection project, is an important measure to optimize the business environment and support the revitalization of the Northeast. "As the forefront of reform, Liaoning Free Trade Experimental Zone in Dalian took the lead in sounding the assault horn. The Dalian Customs Office in the Free Trade Zone actively coordinated efforts to promote the work of various agencies in Dalian Free Trade Zone in promoting the level of cross-border trade facilitation, further optimize the internal and external working mechanism of the Customs, and work together for 100 days. And strive to reduce the overall clearance time of Dalian area by 1/3. The director of customs clearance section of Dalian customs office in the bonded area said.

  In order to fulfill the task with high standards and create a better business environment, Dalian Customs has explored and studied the effective ways to reduce the overall customs clearance time, and made great efforts to improve the overall customs clearance efficiency and the international competitiveness of import and export enterprises. The first is to implement a window to streamline the process. The main method is to merge the customs declaration form and the inspection declaration form into a new customs declaration form, so that 229 declaration items of the original customs declaration and inspection declaration are reduced to 105, 74 attached documents are integrated into 10, 102 supervision documents are simplified into 64, and the unified declaration is made through the "single window" of the customs. At the same time, Dalian Customs has optimized and integrated the business and personnel of the customs and inspection and quarantine window in the comprehensive service hall of the FTA, and has realized the "three unifications": the unified reengineering of business processes, the unified simplification of business documents and the unified management of window personnel. The clearance of enterprises increased significantly. Next is to implement two modes to make customs clearance more efficient. In order to further shorten the preparation time before declaration, Dalian Customs actively explores innovative modes such as "early declaration" for marine cargo, and switches the declaration and logistics links from "in series" to "in parallel", thus realizing a qualitative leap in the overall customs clearance efficiency. "Under the traditional mode, we have to go through a series of links, such as ship berthing, loading and unloading, tally, etc., before we declare the customs. Although the efficiency of customs operations is very high, it will delay a certain amount of time if we encounter special circumstances in inspection or other links. Now under this declaration mode, we can make full use of the ship's transit time to go through customs formalities in advance, most of the cargo can be released and removed at the same time, very convenient and efficient. Bonded area Jinhui International Logistics Co., Ltd. agent said. During the transitional period during which air cargo "declaration in advance" is being tested, Dalian Customs, in accordance with the traditional customs clearance mode, monitors the arrival of unreported data in time. In view of the incomplete accompanying documents, allows high-credit enterprises to "release before replenishing" the cargo from the airport to enter a special area with a guarantee letter of insurance. It is also effectively compressed.

  In addition, Dalian Customs also increased self-reported self-payment, electronic payment, paperless guarantees and other three tax and fee reform initiatives to provide convenience for enterprises, and through multi-party linkage to ensure smooth and smooth customs clearance before and after the reform. "In the past, you had to go to customs three or five times a day. Now you can declare, collect insurance, pay taxes and release these links in front of your home computer." The director of Customs Department of Dalian International Railway Logistics Co., Ltd. said happily.

  In order to ensure "no idling" and "grounding gas" in the new customs clearance policy, Dalian Customs has thoroughly implemented the reform requirements of "release uniform" and introduced four sets of customized service mechanisms according to the actual situation of enterprises in Dalian Free Trade Zone. First, the enterprise coordinator work mechanism, take the initiative to come to the door for enterprises to provide new policy propaganda and declaration guidance, and in the FTA customs window set up a comprehensive consulting desk, real-time answer enterprise questions; second, the special post monitoring mechanism, daily arrangements for special personnel to monitor the customs declaration process, found the problem first time to notify the enterprise; Close the time coordination mechanism, organize the relevant business departments to jointly set up a special working group, create a "100-day war" Wechat Group, timely communication and solve the special customs problems of enterprises; Fourth, complaints accountability supervision mechanism, further enrich the complaints channel, once found inaction, laziness as a problem will be firmly investigated and dealt with.