China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Notice by the State Council on the Framework Plan for China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone
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Notice by the State Council on the Framework Plan for 

China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone 

 (Guo Fa (2017) No. 15)

People's government of all provinces, autonomous regions, and national-level municipalities, and all departments and subordinate institutions of the State Council:   

The following is the print copy of "the Framework Plan for China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone", please carefully implement this document.


The State Council

March 15th, 2017


The Framework Plan for China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone


The China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as the FTZ) is established based on the strategic decision by the central CPC committee and the State Council, and is a significant measure to boost Chinas reform and opening up as well as the rejuvenation of the old industrial bases in Northeastern China under the new circumstances. This Framework Plan provides detailed guidance on initiatives and their respective implementation measures.


I. Overall Requirements

(1) Guiding Principles

We shall fully implement the spirits of the 18th National CPC Congress and the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee, as well as the spirits of CPC Secretary General Xi Jiping's series of important speeches and the new philosophies, ideas and strategies of his governance of China, and carefully practice the deployed decisions by the central CPC committee and the State Council, accelerate the promotion of the overall strategic layout of "five-in-one" and "the four comprehensives", with the adherence to the general working keynote of making progress while ensuring stability, establish and implement the development principle of "innovation, coordination, environmental protection, opening-up and sharing", further emancipate people's mind, take experimental actions, promote reform and development with opening-up, focus on the improvement of systems and mechanisms, the reorganization of structures, the encouragement of innovation and business startup, guarantee and improve the livelihood of people, to explore new ways and accumulate new experiences for deepening reform and conducting all-round opening-up to play a positive role in leading and serving all relevant works across China.    

(2) Strategic Positioning

With the innovation of mechanism as the core, and the repeatable and propagable features as the fundamental requirements, the market-oriented reform of system and mechanism shall be accelerated, and the structural reorganization shall be actively boosted, so as to turn the FTZ into a new engine for enhancing the overall competitiveness and the level of opening-up of the old industrial bases in Northeastern China.

(3) Developmental Objectives

Through three to five years of reform and exploration, the FTZ shall create a mechanism with high-level innovation which meets and fits with international trade and investment standards and practices, build a legalized, internationalized and convenient business operation environment, consolidate and enhance the attractiveness to key developmental elements such as talents and capital, etc., make great efforts in building a high-level and high-standard FTA with high-end industrial clusters, convenient investing and trading conditions, well-developed financial services, efficient supervision, and standardized legal environment to guide the region of Northeastern China to transform its mode of economic development, and enhance the quality level of its economic development.

II. Regional Layout

(1) Scope of Plan Implementation

The implementing scope of the FTZ has an area of 119.89 km2, with three main parts: the Dalian part covers an area of 59.96 km2 (including 1.25 km2 of Dalian Bonded Area, 2.95 km2 of Dalian Export Processing Zone, and 6.88 km2 of Dalian Dayaowan Bonded Port Area); the Shenyang part covers an area of 29.97 km2 and the Yingkou part covers an area of 29.96 km2.

The land development and use in the FTA shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations concerning land use, environmental protection and urban and rural planning, the framework planning document concerning land use, as well as relevant requirements about economical and intensive use of land; The use of sea area shall abide by the relevant regulations in "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of the Use of Sea Areas" and the relevant documents of "Plan of Main Functional Zones of Sea Areas in China" issued by the State Council, the detailed division of maritime functions approved by the State Council, and the mechanism of ecological red lines for the sea areas administered by the provincial government of Liaoning Province; The use of uninhabited islands shall abide by the relevant regulations in "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Islands".  

(2) Functional Division

Divided according to regional layout: The Dalian area will focus on the development of port and shipping logistics, finance and trade, advanced equipment manufacturing, hi-tech, circular economy, and shipping service, etc. to promote the construction process of international shipping center and logistic center in Northeast Asia and to build a strategic highland for cooperation and opening-up towards the area of Northeast Asia; Shenyang area will focus on the development of advanced manufacturing industries such as equipment manufacturing, automobile and spare parts, and aerospace equipment, etc., and modern service industries such as finance, science and technology, and logistics, etc. to enhance the developmental levels of national-level new-type industrialized demonstration cities, and the scientific and technical innovation center in Northeastern China, and construct an advanced equipment manufacturing industrial base with high international competitiveness; Yingkou area will focus on the development of modern service industries such as commercial logistics, cross-border e-commerce, and finance, etc., and strategic emerging industries such as new-generation information technology and high-end equipment manufacturing, etc. to construct the regional international logistic center and high-end equipment manufacturing and high-tech industrial base, as well as the important hub for the convenience of the joint international sea and railway transportation.

Divided according to the modes of customs supervision: The areas under special customs supervision in the FTA will put great emphasis on the exploration of mechanism innovation, mainly in the field of trade convenience to conduct business such as bonded processing, bonded logistics and bonded service, etc.; Other areas outside the special customs supervision areas will put great emphasis on the exploration of the system reform of investment sector to promote the process of equipment manufacturing transformation, financial innovation and opening-up in service sector.

III. Main Tasks and Measures

(1) Accelerate the Functional Transformation of Governments

1. Deepening the reform in administrative system. The reforming process of government streamlining, administrative power devolution, combination of delegation and management of administrative power, and service optimization shall be boosted. The parts of administrative jurisdiction in the fields of economic and social management which can be delegated to lower administrative levels shall all be devolved to the managing departments of the FTA. A mechanism of listed responsibilities and management catalogs for administrative approval will be established, and the system reform concerning commerce-related administrative affairs will be promoted. The focus of administrative management procedures shall shift from prior approval to mid-event control and subsequent supervision to construct an all-chain credit supervision system of making promises at the beginning, in-progress assessment and categorization, and joint rewards and punishment in the end. A well-developed information network platform shall be built to establish a mechanism for collecting and sharing credit information of enterprises to achieve cross-department coordinated management. The reform of "integrating many regulations into one" shall be implemented. It shall also implement and conduct anti-monopoly investigations against business operators in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce.   

2. Creating a more convenient and fair business operation environment. It shall conduct the pilot reform of the comprehensive management of intellectual property rights. With the needs of innovative development as the guide, it shall give full play to the leading role of intellectual property rights in protecting patents, brands and copyrights, open up the overall operating chain of creation, application, protection, management and service for intellectual property rights, build a highly efficient comprehensive management mechanism of intellectual property rights, construct a convenient public service system of intellectual property rights for citizens, make exploration in creating a new operating mechanism for the innovative development of intellectual property rights to promote the construction of a mechanism with clear responsibilities, reasonable labor division, responsibilities in accord with authority, high-efficient operation and legal guarantee. It shall build a convenient public service platform for intellectual property rights, construct working stations for the service in intellectual property rights, and develop the service sector in respect of intellectual property rights. An exploration shall be made to establish a cross-department mechanism of law enforcement concerning intellectual property rights in the FTA, and improve the working mechanism for dispute resolution, assistance, and arbitration. An exploration shall also be made to establish a navigation mechanism for the patents of key industries in the FTA and a mechanism of quick joint protection for key industries.        

Service innovations in tax collection shall be promoted, including one-stop and self services of taxation, tax collection training, different ways of tax payment, self business reservation, information sharing between the taxation and banking systems, tax compliance cooperation, and innovative online service, etc. System innovations in industrial early-warning, information publicity, fair competition, and rights protection shall be promoted. A well-developed mechanism for international arbitration and commercial mediation shall be established.  

(2) Deepening the Reform in the Investment Sector

3. Improving the level of using foreign investment. Trial national treatment on investment permission and a Negative List mechanism will be implemented within the FTA, with a focus on establishing a mid and subsequent supervision system which are compatible with the Negative List administrative approach. For the projects with foreign investment that are not stated in the Negative List (with the exception of areas specifically defined by the State Council) and foreign-funded enterprises, filing procedures will be adopted for the establishment and subsequent change, and will be gone through within the FTA. Restrictions on investment permission for foreign investors will be further reduced or cancelled, and the degrees of opening-up and transparency will be raised. Special attention shall be paid to the work of pressure test and risk test for opening-up. Active and effective efforts will be made to attract and introduce capital, advanced technologies and high-end talents from foreign countries and regions to raise the comprehensive quality of utilizing foreign investment. The documents of "Special Management Measures (Negative List) for Foreign Investment Access in Pilot Free Trade Zones" and "Trial Measures of National Security Examination towards Foreign Investment in Pilot Free Trade Zones" are applicable for the investment activities of foreign businessmen in the FTA. The FTA shall make explorations in strengthening the management over the actual controllers of foreign investment, establish the mechanism of reporting of foreign investment information and the publicity platform of foreign investment information, and give full play to the functions of the publicity system of the national-level credit information of enterprises to improve the scientific, regulatory and transparent degrees of the full-cycle supervision of foreign investment. The rights protection mechanism for foreign investors will be improved. Eligible foreign investors will be allowed to freely transfer the profits of their investment.

4. Constructing a system for promoting the development of outbound investment services. The administrative mode for outbound investments will mainly adopt filing mode. Enterprises are encouraged to conduct various cooperative forms of foreign investment. The FTA shall give full play to the functions of preferential loans to support the enterprises in the FTA to participate in large-scale investment projects such as the export of large-scale equipment sets and contracting projects, as well as supporting the "going-out" enterprises to obtain loans by means of mortgaging their overseas assets, equities and mining rights to improve their financing capabilities. In order to expand the investment scale of enterprises, the systems of the implementing promotion of "going-out" policies, service guarantee and risk prevention and control shall be improved.

(3) Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading of Trade

5. Implementing convenient measures for trade. Depending on the electronic port public platform, the FTA shall improve the application level of the systems of international trade services of "one-stop" cargos import and export and the entry and exit of transportation means, to better achieve the functions of handling the affairs of trade approval and qualification registration, etc. Furthermore, the administrative departments concerning trade supervision shall be included into the "one-stop" management platform to further optimize the law enforcement and customs clearance procedures of port supervision, and put the function of tax refund application for export into the "one-stop" construction project. Customs clearance integration shall be promoted among all zones within the FTA. The FTA shall input great efforts on developing intermediary trade, and relax the judging standards of direct transportation of cargos carried by sea. It shall optimize the supervision mode of piggybacking business along the coastal areas and improve the efficiency of customs clearance for the coastal piggybacking business done by Chinese vessels with foreign flags on them. Under the prerequisite of implementing the current tax collection policies, it shall improve the relevant comprehensive capabilities of customs clearance, transportation and port services for oversized freight, encourage enterprises to participate in the pilot innovative measures in supervision mechanisms with "self tax declaration, self customs clearance and automatic verification and clearance system devices", as well as inspections and examination on key commodities to accelerate the building process of standardized mechanism for innovative measures of convenient trade procedures, and apply this mechanism onto all qualified enterprises.  

For customs clearance, the zones under special customs supervision within the FTA adopt the supervision and service mode of "full opening for the first-line affairs, and safe and high-efficient management for the second-line affairs". Under the prerequisite of guaranteeing effective supervision and management, explorations shall be made to establish classified supervision mode (classified by cargos status) in the zones under special customs supervision. Under the prerequisite of strictly implementing the tax collection policies for freight import and export, it is allowed to establish bonded demonstration and trade platforms in the zones under special customs supervision, and conduct trial measures for the domestic and foreign maintenance business with high technologies, high added values and controllable risks. For the financing and leasing enterprises who register in the zones under special customs supervision within the FTA and import and export large-scale equipment such as airplanes, vessels and maritime engineering machinery etc. under the customs supervision of different zones, a cross-zone customs supervision can be performed according to the actual needs of the logistic situation and under the prerequisite of guaranteeing effective supervision and implementing the prevailing tax collection policies.

6. Improving the service system for international trade. Offshore trade system will be established and efforts will be given to develop offshore trade. Transnational companies will be encouraged to establish their accounting centers and regional headquarters here which serve both domestic and international markets as well as their operation centers with comprehensive functions of logistics and trading. Depending on the current business of Dalian Commodity Exchange, supports will be given to explore new categories of trading commodity and develop international trade of bulk commodity. Explorations will be made to establish appropriate foreign exchange control and customs supervision system for international bulk commodity trade. Domestic futures exchanges are encouraged to conduct business of bonded trade of futures and warehouse receipt pledge and financing in the zones under special customs supervision within the FTZ. On the basis of summarizing the experiences of pilot bonded delivery of futures, categories of pilot bonded delivery of futures will be increased. The crude oil processing enterprises in the FTA who meet the relevant requirements are encouraged to apply for the qualification for importing and using crude oil. Enterprises in the FTA will be encouraged to employ an overall plan in international and domestic trade to integrate the development of domestic and foreign trading business. Efforts will be made to boost the construction of an outbound cultural trade base, and expand the functions of artwork trade markets. Efforts will be made to promote the development of service outsourcing business, such as detection and maintenance, biological medicine, software information, management counseling, data service and cultural innovation, etc. Depending on the China (Dalian) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone, the FTA shall accelerate the construction process of the supporting cross-border e-business platforms. With the principle of fairness and competition, the supporting system for international trade in the aspects of customs supervision, inspection and quarantine, tax refund and logistics, etc. shall be improved. Establishment of third-party inspection and identification institutions will be encouraged, and active efforts will be also made to promote the recognition to the third-party institutions inspection results. 

(4) Deepening Innovation and Opening up of Financial Services.

7. Accelerating the innovative development of cross-border RMB yuan business. It shall make explorations in establishing a management system of RMB and foreign currencies suitable for application in the FTA to facilitate the cross-border trade, investment and financing. The FTA will allow the parent or subsidiary companies of the enterprises within the FTA to issue RMB yuan bonds in China according to the relevant regulations, as well as allow the management institutions of foreign equity investment and foreign investment business startup to initiate funds of managing RMB yuan equity investment and business startup investment. The FTA shall also allow the leasing enterprises in the FTA to open RMB yuan accounts for cross-border RMB yuan rental business overseas to expand the cross-border use of RMB yuan. Banks in the FTA can issue loans in RMB yuan for projects overseas according to the relevant regulations for international enterprises to conduct the business of two-way cross-border capital pooling in RMB yuan.

8. Deepening the reform of foreign exchange regulatory system. The FTA shall further simplify the procedures of income and expenditure calculation of foreign exchange concerning current accounts. On the basis of real and legal trade, the income from the activities of foreign exchange by A-class enterprises in the category of foreign exchange management in the FTA have no need of opening relevant banking accounts for local authorities to examine. Banks shall be responsible for the procedures of exchange collection, settlement, purchasing and payment of current projects according to the principles of "understanding clients, knowing well about business, and conscientiously doing the examination work". The FTA shall also further simplify the procedure of capital pooling management, and allow enterprises holding real and legal electronic receipts (after being examined by banks) to accept the services of exchange collection, payment, and offset balance netting settlement. Support will be given to develop commercial factoring business, and explore a suitable foreign exchange control modes for the development of commercial factoring. The FTA will allow qualified financial leasing business in the FTA to collect rents in foreign currencies, support the development of headquarters economy, and relax the conditions for the foreign exchange centralized operation of transnational companies. 

9. Enhancing the functions of financial services. The pilot financial leasing enterprises with domestic capital will be further encouraged in the FAT and the financial leasing enterprises with domestic capital which are registered in the FAT will be subject to the examination and approval of the competent provincial-level commence authority and the state tax bureau of the same level; the FTA shall strengthen the procedures of in-progress and  subsequent supervision, and explore to establish filing system for the establishment and subsequent changes of financial leasing enterprises, the punishment system for illegal acts against relevant industrial regulations, the information publicity system for enterprises in abnormal operating status or with dishonesty, and the check system for local supervision departments' spot check and regular examination on enterprises, etc. The FAT will support the qualified fund products here which meet the conditions for mutual recognition to join in the schemes of mutual recognition between fund products by the enterprises in the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong SAR, and cancel the pre-approval procedures targeted at the qualifications of the senior executives of insurance branch companies in the FTA, the filing and managing responsibilities of which shall be transferred to the provincial-level insurance regulatory institutions. Overseas enterprises will be gradually allowed to participate in the commodity futures trade. The FAT will take innovative measures in offering financial products and services after careful analysis of the industrial base and the orientation of industrial development in the FTA, as well as the developmental direction of new-type industrialization, and the needs for industrial transformation and upgrade. It shall also further improve the capabilities of financial services in assisting the development of the entity economy, and gradually build a new financial supporting system for the rejuvenation and development of the old industrial bases in Northeastern China.     

10. Establishing and improving the system for prevention and control financial risks. With the principle of taking every risk as emergency, the Fat shall make explorations in establishing a supervising and managing mechanism for the risks of cross-border capital flow, strengthen the work of anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, and anti-tax evasion to prevent illegal capital from flowing over borders and regions. It shall also establish an in-progress and subsequent supervision system for the implementation of innovative measures of financial reform.  

(5) Accelerating the reorganizing process of the structure of the old industrial bases.

11. Deepening the reform of state-owned assets and enterprises. The managing mode and operating mechanism of state-owned enterprises shall be improved to implement the measures of categorized supervision and reform. Explorations shall be made to improve the supervision system of state-owned assets with the capital management as the focus. The FTA shall boost the reform of the mix-ownership economic mechanism of the enterprises in the FTA and make explorations in forming a mechanism for the capital of all kinds of ownership to develop in a complementary and mutually-promoting way. It shall establish and improve a mechanism of modern enterprises with clear ownership, responsibilities and separation of functions between governments and enterprises, and scientific management. It shall accelerate the process of unified supervision and management of state-owned business assets, optimize the allocation of state-owned assets, increase the functions of state-owned assets, and promote the capitalization process of state-owned assets. It shall also simplify the procedures of withdrawal for equity investment and venture capital of state-owned enterprises, and local enterprises with state-owned investment and venture capital shall adopt the post-filing mechanism when using assessment reports of state-owned assets.     

12. Promoting the process of industrial transformation and upgrading. The FTA shall improve the systems and mechanisms of promoting the development of industrial clusters and encourage the industries such as intellectual equipment, maritime engineering equipment, aerospace manufacturing, automobile manufacturing (new-energy vehicles), new materials, hi-tech vessels, electronic information, biological medicine and high-end medical devices, modern logistics (commercial trade and delivery) and seawater application, etc. to form various kinds of industrial clusters in the FTA. It shall accelerate the in-depth integration of industrialization and information to help develop new-generation information technology industries such as big data, cloud computing, and industrial Internet and to construct the industrial layout with the integrated development of advanced equipment manufacturing, new strategic industries and modern service industries. It shall fully use the guiding funds for industrial (business startup) investment established by local authorities to support the cluster-oriented development of new and distinctive industries, and encourage enterprises in the FTA to join in the process of industrial integration by means of trans-regional merging and reorganization. It shall also accelerate the process of coordinated development of Sino-German (Shenyang) High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park and Dalian National Ecological Industrial Demonstration Zone and FTA to create an international platform for industrial investment and trade cooperation.   

13. Developing productive service sectors. The FTA shall encourage the enterprises here to conduct added-value services of systematic integration, equipment rental, solution offering, re-manufacturing, inspection and testing, and long-distance counseling, etc., and promote the integrated innovative medium such as professional technical research and development and industrial design, etc., and the construction of engineering research centers, scientific research labs and enterprise technical centers, etc. It shall build public service platforms for the promotion of scientific and technical achievements, scientific and technical management and counseling, and marketing, etc., and support the establishment of qualified domestic marketing platforms of processing trade products and purchasing and distribution centers for processing trade. It shall encourage financial institutions and enterprises of equipment manufacturing to open renting companies or subsidiary companies running renting business in the FTA with main focus on the financing and renting services of planes, vessels, maritime engineering structures, rolling stocks of rail transportation, agricultural machinery, high-end medical devices, and large-scale equipment sets, etc.

14. Constructing highlands for scientific innovation and talents. The FTA shall promote the process of coordinated innovation of institutions of scientific research, universities and enterprises, and strengthen the connections with the guiding funds of the transformation of national-level scientific and technical achievements, the guiding funds of business startup and investment of strategic emerging industries and the national developmental funds of the development of SMEs, and establish a series of professional subsidiary funds for business startup and investment. It shall conduct the trade of transformation of scientific and technical achievements depending on the current trading places and introduce good-quality educational resources overseas to promote the process of educational globalization. It shall make explorations to establish service system for innovative talents and the mechanism for the flow of international talents to meet the needs of the globalized development of enterprises. It shall improve and make innovations in the mechanism of talent accumulation and cultivation to promote the further integration among talents, projects and capital, and put great emphasis on the service for overseas talents to improve the convenience level for the procedures of the affairs concerning the entry and exit of talents, visas and documents of stay for foreign talents, employment permit, and driving license application, etc.   

15. Promoting the coordinated development within the area of Northeastern China. The FTA shall strengthen the influencing functions of port services in the FTA, and accelerate the reforming process of the unification of customs clearance. It shall conduct cooperation in the fields of freight customs clearance, trade statistics, mutual recognition of "certified operators", and certification of inspection and testing, etc., to gradually achieve information interchange, mutual certification of supervision and mutual assistance of law enforcement. It shall also optimize the layout of inland trade ports and logistic networks, accelerate in the process of achieving the mutual connections of the FTA and other ports within the area of Northeastern China to promote the cooperation of all areas within Northeastern China in the aspects of research, development and design, production and sales, logistics and delivery, talents communication, and educational trainings, etc.

(6) Strengthening the cooperation in regional opening-up in Northeast Asia.

16. Promoting the all-round economic cooperation with Northeast Asia. The FTA shall give full play to the comprehensive advantages of Liaoning as the most important old industrial base in China and the significant hub in the eastern part of Eurasia Land Bridge in the fields of geographical location, transportation, industries and humanities, etc. to promote the interactive development of the FTA and national-level self innovation demonstration zones, all-round innovative reform pilot zones, Jinpu New Area of Dalian, national-level economic technical development zones, and national-level hi-tech industrial development zones. It shall also accelerate the construction process of the initiative of "the Belt and the Road" to continuously expand and enrich the connotation of the regional cooperation with Northeast Asia, actively join in the construction of "China-Mongolia-Russia" Economic Corridor, consolidate the cooperation with Japan and South Korea, boost the process of making full use of the two markets and resources home and abroad to further expand the scope of international cooperation in Northeast Asia, and participate in international competition in wider scope and larger fields.

17. Accelerating the process of building new mechanism for the promotion of two-way investment. The FTA shall promote the international industrial capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation among the FTA, the countries along "the Belt and the Road", Japan, as well as North and South Korea to improve the financial support system of international industrial capacity cooperation, facilitate the changing process in export with equipment as the single main products into the combined export of technologies, capital, products, services and industrial standards to boost the "going-out" process for our advantageous products into international markets. It shall make full use of the rules of international trade applied in the FTA to raise the market share of advantageous products in the countries along "the Belt and the Road", Japan, as well as North and South Korea, and guide advantageous enterprises to conduct project contracting and construct industrial parks in foreign countries and regions. It shall also promote the clustering and development process of Japanese, Korean and Russian enterprises in the fields of advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and modern service industries in the FTA, and make explorations in conducting cooperation of investment with countries in Northeast Asia in the professional service fields of culture, education, sports, medicine, and entertainment, etc.  

18. Building a giant channel by sea, air and land connecting Asia and Europe. Depending on the accelerated process of the FTA's construction of Northeast Asia international shipping center in Dalian, it shall promote the construction process of sea-railway thorough transportation service of Yingkou Port and Shenyang cross-border railway channel, accelerate the construction process of the inland port of Shenyang, and support the construction of the customs supervision center of multi-formed thorough transportation services to construct the system of Shenyang-Yingkou land-sea thorough transportation service. It shall also support the cooperation and communication between the FTA and the countries along "the Belt and the Road" in the aspects of customs, inspection and quarantine, certification and accreditation, and standardized measurement, etc. and make explorations in cooperation between the FTA and the countries along "the Belt and the Road" in the field of safety and convenience of trade supply chain.

19. Constructing modern logistic system and international shipping center. The FTA shall create a modern logistic system mainly offering service to Northeast Asia, and a new developmental mechanism and operating mode of the shipping and aerial transportation industry with high-level international competitiveness, and deepen the multi-port interactive mechanism within the FTA to promote the coordinated development of communication by sea, land, air and mail. It shall establish a hub for aerial logistics to promote the element accumulation of shipping and aerial transportation and to strengthen the functions of aerial and maritime services. It shall accelerate the construction process of regional cruise port and international passenger vessel center in Northeast Asia, strengthen the construction of mail and express delivery processing center. Depending on the current shipping routes to Japan and South Korea, and the business of transporting mail and deliveries by the railway-sea thorough transportation services of China-European Railway Express (Liaoning), it shall construct an international mail exchange bureau with considerable influence. In the field of transportation, it shall improve the systems of regular and emergent delivery processing, and devolve the administrative power of the approval of the business of international vessel management of foreign-invested enterprises to the provincial-level departments in Liaoning. It shall also build bonded aircraft oil stations and bonded oil supply bases, support the pilot work of the reform of the management of sailors, and give policy-level support for the training of sailors according to the relevant regulations, and promote the development process of offering convenience in tourism-related transport means such as cruises and yachts, etc.  

IV. Guaranteeing Mechanism

(1) Strengthening Legal Guarantee.

The FTA shall follow the procedures as regulated in the relevant documents if it temporarily needs adjustment in implementing the relevant administrative laws and regulations, the documents issued by the State Council and part of the departmental regulations approved by the State Council. All relevant administrative departments shall support FTA's work of deepening the pilot reform and increase the frequency of stress tests in their respective fields. The provincial-level government of Liaoning Province shall establish the mechanism of the management of FTA meeting the needs of the relevant pilot work.  

(2) Improving the supporting policies of tax collection.

The FTA shall put into practice the relevant policies of tax collection to give full play to the supporting and promoting role of the current policies. Local authorities in Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian can take pilot measures in their FTAs with the principle of adopting the current policies of tax collection, of which the policies concerning the selective collection of tariff (in order to promote trade activities) and other tax collection policies concerning import and export shall be piloted in the special customs supervision zones in FTAs, and the application scope of the tax collection policies and the managing scope in the special customs supervision zones in FTAs remain unchanged. Besides, it shall actively make researches to improve the tax collection policies concerning the exemption of overseas income tax under the prerequisite of not going against the original direction of tax system reform and the international convention, as well as not causing profit transfer and tax base erosion.

(3) Put great emphasis on the organizing and implementing work.

The provincial-level government of Liaoning shall improve the guaranteeing mechanism of organizing and implementing pilot tasks with the coordination by the joint inter-departmental working conference of FTAs held by the State Council according to the unified deployment of the central CPC committee and the State Council, and accelerate the implementing process with the principles of "overall planning, step-by-step implementation, taking leading breakthroughs, and making gradual improvement". All relevant departments shall offer great support, immediately stipulate measures of implementation, and improve their guiding and serving levels to promote the innovation process in the relevant systems and mechanisms to better build and manage FTAs. During the process of implementing the relevant measures, the FTA shall think innovatively, discover rules, solve problems and accumulate experiences; it shall give full play to the working enthusiasm of local authorities and the relevant departments, act according to the actual local situations with paying special attention to local features, and carefully make contrastive and complimentary tests on the relevant fields. It shall also put great emphasis on the implementation of reforming measures, and immediately reporting to the State Council before handling important affairs.    

(4) Summarizing the pilot experiences and applying them in other areas.

The FTAs shall summarize the innovative reforming experiences and achievements in time. The office of the joint inter-departmental working conference of FTAs by the State Council shall also summarize and assess the implementing effects of the innovative pilot tasks of the reform and opening-up in FTAs in time with the Provincial People's Government of Liaoning Province and the other relevant departments, strengthen the systematic integration of the pilot experiences in all relevant fields, entrust third-party institutions to conduct individual evaluation, and apply the feasible achievements with good piloting effects and controllable risks in other areas of China after going through the procedures of categorized examination.