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Major Foreign Trade Enterprises
China Hualu Panasonic AVC Networks Co., Ltd.
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  As a production base of global digital video, audio and information products, and key components and parts, the company has a complete technical industry chain from laser head, CD-ROM drive, movement to complete machine, including optical technology, digital audio & video, encoding/decoding technology, servo technology, system software, optical storage, precision molds and other professional R&D backbone. The main products include recorders, projectors, optical disc libraries, plant factories, intelligent transportation systems, etc. Among them, MINI CD-ROM memory is widely used in family personal, file system and file storage systems of enterprises and government institutions. Intelligent transportation system project in Haicang District Xiamen has become the benchmark project of smart traffic signal control system. 

  Address: No. 1, Hua Road, Qixianling, High Technology Zone, Dalian, Liaoning Postal code: 116023 

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