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Shenyang Sumboy Intelligent Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.
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  Shenyang Sumboy Intelligent Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise specializing in the research and development of infrared imaging, computer vision and servo image stabilization technology. The main products include intelligent infrared camera, modular binocular rangefinder, dual lights pod, image processing module, etc. The company's core R & D team has 20 years of experience in the professional field of military product development. The company has provided a variety of multi-model superior products and related technological innovations for the defense military system. The main contributions include 921 project low-light TV subsystem, sea-land defense imaging monitoring system, 995 project series DYT, supersonic infrared imaging DYT, etc. The company integrates three core technologies of imaging, information processing and servo of photoelectric load, and develops intelligent photoelectric load series products with an integrated design. Target tracking, high-precision image stabilization, optical axis following, and dynamic platform following are standard features of this series products. The dual lights pod can reach the ultimate in performance, structure, weight, power consumption, etc., to meet the needs of a variety of moving platforms, especially manned/unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). 

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